The Amazing Snowman is a artificial snow machine that makes it snow anytime, anywhere! (even indoors)

Yes! The Amazing Snowman can be used both indoors and outdoors. Because of our unique Evaporative Snow fluid, the snow evaporates in around 2 minutes and leaves behind no residue or mess.

The Amazing Snowman stands approximately 32″ tall with his top hat!

The Amazing Snow Woman stands approximately 27″ tall.

Yes! The Amazing Snowman and Amazing Snow Woman both come with (1) 6-Pack of our Evaporative Snow fluid. The Amazing Snow bundle includes (4) 6-Packs of our Evaporative Snow fluid.

Our Evaporative Snow fluid is a concentrate. You fill the Amazing Snowman 1/2 gallon fluid tank with water, add (1) bottle of our Evaporative Snow fluid, and enjoy your Winter Wonderland. 

Each mixture of 1/2 gallon water and (1) bottle of Evaporative Snow fluid produces anywhere from 30-60 minutes of running snow time depending on machine settings.

The Amazing Snowman blows snow through his mittened hands, sending snow up to 20 ft. into the air!

Evaporative Snow is Global Special Effects patented formula. No more worrying about messy cleanups or slick residue. With Evaporative Snow, snow evaporates within 2 minutes leaving behind no residue. Cleanup is practically non-existent. 

Yes! Our Evaporative Snow Fluid is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no harsh chemicals. Safe for children, pets, and the environment!

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