The Amazing Snowman

Bring the fun to the holiday season!

Once again, the holiday season is right around the corner.

Remember your childhood and the happy moments playing in the snow or watching the snow fall in your favorite holiday movies? The big smiles, the excitement and the tremendous memories! We hope you and your loved ones can keep enjoying those precious memories and create new experiences that warm your heart and make you smile for years to come!

We present to you The Amazing Snowman

The only one of its Kind.

Made in the USA by Global Special Effects.

With the same technology as machines used at the most well-known theme parks around the world.

Bring excitement to this Holiday season! Designed for homes, private events, special activities and more.

The amazing snowman can be used indoors and outdoors, with a projected throw of snow up to 20 ft.

With our snow solution just add distilled water and let the fun begin!

Don’t forget to accompany The Amazing snowman with The Amazing Snow-Woman.


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